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Benjamin Bruno, Executive Chef at Chez Bruno

We love shooting videos, obviously… but when we’re shooting them in the south of France, come on!!!! Much of what we do on every film shoot is listening; listening for the scene, listening for the story but most importantly we listen for the heart. Benjamin Bruno, Executive Chef at Chez Bruno is a beautiful human being with a lot of heart. We not only enjoyed his exquisite cooking first hand but also the honour of his generous company. We hope you enjoy this video of Benjamin talking about one of his most deeply cherished friends…


PRESS is a progressive cafe, restaurant and coffee roaster located in a heritage building in rural New South Wales Australia. PRESS host several events during the year, one of these is “MARKETS at PRESS,” a family friendly event with coffee, bar, fresh food, live music and plenty of stalls so that visitors can shop the night away on handmade bags, clothes, jewellery, home decore, children’s toys and top quality local produce. We went in to help PRESS tell this story. Please enjoy.

ServiceNow NowForum Conference Intro

ServiceNow are leading edge online service providers who have awesome yearly conferences to celebrate being ahead of the curve globally. These guys know how to create AND innovate. As well as filming their 2016 conferences, ServiceNow also asked us to produce a punchy little two minute intro for the event. Here’s what we did…

When we arrived to setup on location we watched our video in all it’s glory on the 5866×3300 screens but also saw a majestic 14400×4000 screen sitting right there in the middle of the stage not being used. So, together with the media guys, we quickly produce a video for that screen also to compliment our already stellar video job. Here’s how it looked…

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The GlobalChurch Project

Graham Hill created The GlobalChurch Project. It’s a series of interviewers from around the world of people talking about the future of humanity. He wanted to create a little video stinger of his project and asked Tenacious to help him out. He provided the interviews, we provided the “awesome” (b-roll, music, graphics and mood). It’s a great story…

David Raven


David Raven is a drummer, singer and composer based out of LA. His website was already cool but he wanted a revamp. We had already filmed David a few times so it only felt natural to give him a great website also.

ServiceNow NowForum

Recently we spent the day filming the NowForum presented by ServiceNow. Our brief was to be everywhere, get everything then to tell the story of the day in a short snappy stinger. There were several locations, multiple sessions and  plenty of opportunity to grab some great moments…here’s what we came up with, we think it works.

Morling College Gap-Year

Morling College offers a vast variety of courses both on campus, online and in the community. Plunge is one of these. Morling were looking to put together a little marketing piece about what Plunge has to offer students and to showcase some of what it’s doing in and around the community of Sydney. We thought the best way to tell their story was to let the students do it for them. We think it works 🙂

Australia Post Product Release

As part of our work with ServiceNow we’ve been shooting a series of product releases with some of their clients. Our day with Australia Post was one of the best we’ve had. Their team were TONS of fun to work with and their infrustructure is a sight to behold. This video was shot at their ServiceNow product release cake celebration. They just keep getting better and better.

Celebrating a Qantas Milestone

Recently we’ve been doing some extensive work with ServiceNow. They have a mountain of awesome products, one of which has been deployed through Qantas IT Services. As part of their release ServiceNow provided a celebratory cake ceremony and asked Tenacious to help them tell this story to their internal team.  The video was a lot of fun for us to shoot and the cake was amazing; a chocolate runway…WIN!

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