Today the world mourns the loss of a man who brought, and will continue to bring, countless hours of joy to millions.



Death in any of it’s manifestations is a sad affair, we don’t think anyone would disagree with this. Death though at the hands of the victim is in a league all of its own. Robin Williams was a man who privately struggled with the darkness of depression…but despite this, he was also a man who brought so much light to all who experienced his lust for life.

How does one with so much creativity coursing through their soul find the avenue to let it fly unhindered? Creatives are so fiercely independent but so acutely in need for a clan. The creative essence is so deeply personal but no one is strong enough to harness it alone. To feel the exhilaration of unbridled creativity and be haunted by the threat of deep despair is the daily fight of all artists.

We will remember the joy you have brought us Mr. Williams…and we will honour your struggles by remembering our own.

Thanks for the lols good sir…these will live on…