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David Raven


David Raven is a drummer, singer and composer based out of LA. His website was already cool but he wanted a revamp. We had already filmed David a few times so it only felt natural to give him a great website also.

The GlobalChurch Project

Recently we’ve been working with Graham Hill, this year he traveled the world interviewing leaders from different schools of thought to create a series on where we’re heading as a global village. He asked us to give him a tasty little package of video branding to serve his vision so we ‘top and tailed’ his intros and this is what we came up with. We wanted a little movement in the background with the graphics from the front cover of Graham’s book so as not to distract from Graham himself. We then added in a little particle magic for the more visually intuitive amongst the audience.  We think it works.

Melissa Baker Music


We met Melissa Baker in NYC a few weeks back. She is a great musician with a clear vision for her future. During our time with Mel she mentioned a desire for an online presence to be developed but that it all seemed too daunting for her…not for us though, we took the challenge and deployed a new website for her a few days later. She loved it, and we think it’s pretty rad.

Zebra Collective


Zebra Collective are a great bunch of people. They are a network of thousands of creatives around the world who are all on a quest of collaborative discovery. At it”s core, Zebra Collective helps creatives discover who they are and how to be successful at what they do. There were thousands of individual stories to tell here so we grouped them all and made this site about The Collective. We needed a simple design that pulled together a vast network of fiercely independent people, so, we made it nondescript and let the videos do the talking. Tenacious provided ZC”s site, online social deployments and their ongoing weekly videos, it”s an ongoing relationship that has become hugely enjoyable for all involved.

Chris Falson

Chris Falson is a music artist based out of LA. Chris has been in the international music industry for many years as well as the film and television industry in LA for most of his professional life. He has done a lot. His site needed to pull all this together under one roof and tell his story clearly. Images and pages seemed to be the agreed strategy for this site. chrisfalson.com needed to also pull all Chris’ social networking deployments together so we build his site to feed automatically to all. Since launching it Chris has enjoy much success through all his online activities…many of which are automatically updated as he blogs/posts/tweets/etc. Tenacious also drafted, executed and produced a suite of online videos for Chris and released them through his networks over the course of 6 months, his website traffic climbed dramatically. Check them out here.

Planted By The Water


PLANTEDBYTHEWATER is an international network of artists who use their talents to heal. The name says it all really. The site needed to mimic this so we chose an image that encapsulated all PBTW represented. On a site that would be text heavy we needed to tell the story quickly on each page, so, the tree graphic is front and centre displaying appropriately across several different medias. Go ahead and try it on your many iOS devices…you’ll see it change according to how YOU’RE viewing it. Tenacious have also provided PBTW’s site, online social deployments and several of their online videos.

Sounds Dangerous


Sounds Dangerous is a bridge connecting music/audio artists to film and television productions all over the world. They had a well established website that already celebrated huge success, but they needed a way to showcase their placements. Tenacious were brought in to; design this page, pull together all their video placements, brand these videos and present them in an engaging way.

Tenacious also setup the SD social networking strategies and created a blog site for them to act as their virtual Dangerous Times magazine. The blog feeds automatically into all SD social deployments to save extra work.

Tenacious also developed a quick brag video for SD for them to send out to potential clients around the globe. Check it out here.