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NYC Plaza Hotel – Daniel Palumbo

The Plaza Hotel in New York has two things going for it; 1) It’s the f***ing Plaza! 2) Head Chef Danny Palumbo. This is a very quick cut from a great interview we shot which sees Danny talking through some of his creative processes. Of course  we couldn’t just shoot and go…afterwards we went up stairs and had a few beverages in the Rose Club, DO IT

Jeremy SH Griffith: Producer, Mixer, Engineer

Recently some of our US team were in Manhattan and LA filming high-end creatives for the ZC. This is one of the many videos we captured. We liked Jeremy from Singing Serpent so we thought we’d share his story. Enjoy.

The Creative Life: JUST DO IT!

We were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon in TriBeCa with the amazing John Burke/Sybil Bruncheon. The moment he opened his mouth we were all acutely aware that we were in for an emotional afternoon.  This was one of several pivotal moments in this Zebra Collective shoot. We really cannot wait to capture John again…thanks also to Nina Duncan for this profound hookup.

Timing, Tagging and Tenacity

We developed this video in 20 minutes entirely in After Effects and released it on YouTube two days prior to the release of the Star Wars Episode VII trailer. Our primary intention was to have eyeballs on our site. It worked, our analytics went through the roof and generated multiple international leads. Boom! Understandably, YouTube deleted it, but not before it snagged a little over 560,000 views within the first 36 hours of release. The right story to the right people at the right time = results. Timing, tagging and tenacity…works every time.

Toowards: Gettin’ it done!

Toowards is a digital agency that specialises in web design and product development. They build amazing high end on-line solutions for the Superannuation industry Australia-wide. They state that what they build makes customers’ online experience intuitive, attractive, meaningful and memorable…and their products certainly back that up. This video was shot to show Super companies that Toowards indeed DO understand the market as they spend a great deal of time amongst it’s audience. Smart. It was used at a Super conference in Australia to illustrate the need in the system…a hole that Toowards, of course, can fill.

Productive Downtime

Recently a bunch of us were shooting a series of short films in New York city. At the end of a pretty packed day we decided to shoot a few vignettes of some of the guys on the team. For us, downtime is the perfect time to drink…and shoot videos. Melissa Baker Music was one of these. We rendered out a series of social editions including an Instagram version….obviously. Enjoy. more to see over here →

The Release Film Project

At Tenacious we believe the success of a project can be determined by the strength of the collaboration behind it. The Release Film Project, shot at The Rusty Monk Whittier, is a perfect example. Writer/Director John Sideropoulos is a master of pulling great people together for highly focussed productions. He is a strong leader with a soft heart to see everyone involved excel professional and personally. Tenacious was part of this collaboration. Congratulation John, Chris and Mike…what’s next…?

Impromptu interviews in LA

In amongst shooting a series of videos with a client our LA network took some time out to share a drink with Tenacious friend Dave Raven from Mojo Monkeys. We had the cameras, we had the time, we had the laphroaig…why not?  more to see over here →

The Collective

The Zebra Collective have been gaining traction since launching their site and video deployments with us last year. Consequently, we’ve taken their site AND video presence to the next level to facilitate this growth. This is one of many videos we shot and edited for them recently in the studio and on the road.

See more here.

Oracle Team USA

This suite of 19 separate videos was post produced by the Tenacious team in prep for a dinner for the Oracle Racing Team in Sydney. Each video was used throughout the evening and kept the mood high and glasses low.

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