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We’ve all been there

You have a clear brief and keen vision for how the shoot will go…then on the day the location “speaks to you” and you go with the flow. On this shoot the Clean Indulgence crew aimed to promote their business in the Farmer’s Market but when we worked with Cassie it became very clean that she WAS the story and that the aim was to get people to their website. We re-calibrated our thinking and put her front and centre to create the story around her. We think it works.

We then developed a suite of videos with Cassie for the Clean Indulgence website, for their Facebook page and one for instrgram. All have been hugely successful. This was their first venture into video, they now have a good frame to build on…

The Zebra Collective

It’s true, we love creative people. Zebra Collective is an international group of creatives who share collective experience and stories about the creative process. Tenacious were engaged to build their online solution and ongoing videos. Here is a montage of some of the videos we’ve shot with Jeff, the founder of ZC.

That Sounds Dangerous

Working with Sounds Dangerous is always a great experience. We shot in three locations here: first in the Hollywood hills, then in the SD studio car park and then on to one of the SD engine rooms.

We had a 24 hours turn-round for this project. The story: “professional activity”, “productivity”, “easy to work with”…we’re happy to say we nailed the shit out of this one.

Sounds Dangerous Hollywood Launch

This video wasn’t shot by Tenacious Studios, but as is often the case, we were commissioned to take this great work and tweak it for a certain audience. The Sounds Dangerous team approached us to render in graphics and tidy up some of the audio. Tenacious then deployed SD’s video on all their social networking streams which is still grabbing traction and kicking ass today.

Urban Wisdom with Chris Falson

We always love shooting Chris. He is a man of profound wisdom who takes great care with what he says. This is one of 28 videos we shot with Chris in a social networking campaign which saw him answering questions from his fans. All videos were shot in and around Sydney in one day and produced over the following weeks with two being deployed each week.

View the entire suite here.

Self Promotion = Success

This video was commissioned by Alana Dowsett to promote her as a potential candidate for Camps of America. This video took 4 hours from conception to deployment.

This was an easy one for the Tenacious team. The initial meeting was quick and to the point. Collaborating with Alana we quickly established the story, came up with the angle and shot to reinforce this.

Though this was shot in the Australian winter our post guys colour graded “summer” to appeal to the audience. It worked, she was successful.

Australian Winter on the ABC

This video was shot on location in rural Australia. This piece was used on the Australian ABC Network to promote the face of Western NSW. The Tenacious team were able to shoot, complete post-production and deploy online within 24 hours.

This was a great gig; warm fires, tired afternoons, wine and cigars at night. Lazy Tenacious days…our productions usually turn into events more than work really…

Re-working Great Work

From time to time we’re called upon to take already completed work and tweak it a little. Chris Falson approached us with a funky little video shot at Cafe M Long Beach that had been edited with some of the crew in the background. Tenacious re-edited the already polished video to keep the musicians the focus of the story.

It was a good piece…now it’s a great one.

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